Debt Restructuring and Debtor Representation

Debt Restructuring

The attorneys of Niarhos Law Group have restructured and settled a wide variety of debts on behalf of their clients. Clients retain them to avoid filing bankruptcy and to assist in formulating a plan to restructure individual and corporate debt outside of bankruptcy. They review their client’s financial information, analyze the bankruptcy implications for both the lender and the debtor, and then approach the lender with a proposal to restructure or settle the indebtedness. Over the years, the attorneys of Niarhos Law Group have been very successful with this approach to restructuring their clients’ debts.

Debtor Representation

The primary goal for their debtor clients is to avoid bankruptcy, if at all possible. This goal sets them apart from the majority of bankruptcy attorneys who focus their practice only on consumer bankruptcy cases. They approach each client by analyzing the assets, liabilities and exposure in each case. In the event a client is required to file bankruptcy, a rigorous due diligence process is conducted to determine the best approach to the bankruptcy filing. The firm represents corporations and individuals in both chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.